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100 days to christmas

With 100 days until Christmas, now is the time to start preparing to reduce the financial stress and avoid being skint in January.

Last years, it is estimated the average family spent a whopping £719 on Christmas. So its unsurprising that many struggle to foot it from December's pay packet alone and end up borrowing.

This year, it our goal to make sure that no one needs to resort to expensive credit to pay for the festive period - so here are our top tips to consider:

Set yourself an Xmas budget
Don't plan the perfect Christmas. It only one day so don't ruin the whole of the next year paying for it. Why not work out what you can afford, set a budget and most importantly stick to it!

Start cutting back NOW
Small sacrifices all add up. So for example stop buying that £2 coffee every working day from now until Christmas and you'll have an extra £140 in the festive kitty.

It’s never too late to put money aside
Remember, with your local credit union everyone automatically get a savings account that can be used to put any spare money.

Time to ban unnecessary presents
Consider not giving this Christmas - especially for the ever-widening list of people we feel obliged to buy for. Why not make a pack not to buy for each other OR agree to a Secret Santa or even a cap on gifts.

Get present planning
Make a list of all those people who you need to buy for and what you are going to get them - that way you can keep your eyes peeled for bargains and discounts

DON'T borrow for Christmas
We hope people can avoid the need to pay for Xmas on credit but if you must, then only borrow exactly what you need. But most importantly do not get ripped off by high-cost lenders.

If do need to borrow - then see how much you can save with a short-term Just Borrow loan from your local ethical credit union -