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Hello and welcome to Just Borrow

We are a collaboration of not-for-profit Credit Unions working together to take on the high-cost online lenders by providing a real alternative that can meet the expectations of those that need to borrow but at a fraction of the cost.

We were fed up of seeing online lenders charging eye watering interest rates just because you only want to borrow a couple of hundred pounds over a couple of months.

So instead of just complaining about it - we’ve actually done something about it.

We’ve taken the good bits from these slick online lenders – that’s the nice easy to use website, the straightforward online application that can give you an immediate decision and if you are approved the money transferred straight into your account.

But we’ve done it in a much cheaper way and importantly from a lender you can trust to treat you fairly – because when you borrow with us, you get to become a member of your local credit union and that means you own and have a say in how it is run.

And you won’t be alone. There are well over 1 million people in the UK that save, borrow and benefit from being a member of their local credit union. Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert, the Hollywood actor Michael Sheen, the Archbishop of Canterbury and even The Duchess of Cornwall are big fans and members of their local credit unions.

So, while Wonga might be gone – there are still a long list of payday and instalment lenders out there charging up to 1,509% APR for short-term loans. Annual Percentage Rate might not mean much to most but everyone knows that’s expensive and it is. So borrow £400 over 3 months at that rate and it’s going to cost you £288 in interest alone. The same Just Borrow loan is going to cost you just £41.

We might not sponsor a football team or have a glossy TV advert (yet) but at least you know you will get a fairer and more affordable loan if or when you need to borrow.

Come and join us!